Dynamic air seat cushion for whole day autonomy and prevention

Full day autonomy and prevention


Comfortable redistribution of pressure points in the sitting position by air cells

Ultra-portable and providing extra mobility


Battery or mains powered operation


Low pressure and battery alarms

Prevention: Very high risk


Transfer of pressure points over less vulnerable areas

Sequential offloading of the sacrococcygeal area through alternating pressure

Stabilisation of the pelvis and reduction of shear with backward slope and raised edges

Prevention of forward-sliding and reduction in postural disorders

Welded, breathable cover decreasing skin maceration, antibacterial, two-way stretch and fungi-static

Low friction and low shear

Total hygienic safety

Bottom cover with strap

Compact control unit specifically suited to wheelchairs

Carry and protection bag hanging from seat

Two modes with comfort adjust

Alternating low pressures with cycle time selection

Continuous low pressures for repositioning

Low pressure and battery alarms for enhanced safety

The use of CliniMove complies with the EPUAP/NPUAP 2014 guidelines1

1) General Recommendations on Seating Support Surfaces, Seating Support Surfaces to Prevent Pressure Ulcers, Seating Support Surfaces for Individuals with Existing Pressure Ulcers

Dimensions and weight of the cushion (LxWxH) 45x42x10 cm 1.5 kg 48x46x10 cm 1.8 kg

Comfort adjust 5 comfort levels

Alternating low pressure cycle times 10, 15 and 20 minutes

Dimensions of the control unit (LxHxW) 21x10x6 cm

Weight of the control unit 0.75 kg

Autonomy after full charge 36 hrs of continuous operation time

Warranty Refer to General Terms and Conditions of Sales

Compliance IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, EN 597-1 & -2