Memory foam mattress with multiple zones and supporting capacities

Comfort and prevention


Multiple density construction


Redistribution of pressure points


Optimal support and body motion adaptive


Aerated, viscoelastic memory foam


Ultra-soft, sloped heel section to increase prevention

Prevention: Moderate risk

Sloped heel section made of ultra-soft, wavy foam that helps prevention by transferring loading away from the heels

Firm edges to assist in auto-centring and to improve stability during ingress and egress or during bedside assessments

Cuts to accommodate the articulations of the sleep deck sections

High density, viscoelastic foam with enhanced resistance to collapse and deformation

Specific cut-outs of foam blocks by zone, skin micro-climate assistance with ventilation channels and open-cell foam

Welded, breathable cover decreasing skin maceration, antibacterial, two-way stretch and fungi-static

Resistant to ozone and high chlorine concentrations

Low friction and low shear

Total hygienic safety

The use of CliniForm complies with the EPUAP/NPUAP 2014 guidelines1

1) Mattress and Bed Support Surfaces for Pressure Ulcer Prevention 1, Mattress and Bed Support Surfaces for Individuals with Existing Pressure Ulcers 2, 5, 6, Additional Recommendations for Individuals with Existing Pressure Ulcers 1.1, Repositioning to prevent and treat heel pressure ulcers 1


Dimensions of the mattress (LxWxH) 200x90x14 cm 12.8 kg, 200x90x16 cm 15 kg

Safe working load 250 kg

Warranty Refer to General Terms and Conditions of Sales

Compliance IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, EN 597-1 & -2