All air automatic low-pressure mattress

Automatic air pressure adjustment depending on the individual


Smart pressure redistribution by means of alternating or continuous low-pressure therapies


3D spacer enhancing redistribution of pressure points, aeration and comfort


Individual air cells that can be fully deflated separately for localized pressure relief


Limitation of shear by the hinged construction of the bottom cover

Prevention: Very high risk

Treatment: Pressure ulcer stage IV

Automatic air pressure adjustment as a function of the individual

Redistribution of pressure points on larger areas

Minimization of the compression of soft tissues in vulnerable body zones

Individual air cells and continuously inflated head zone for enhanced comfort

Safe cell-on-cell design with safety air section in each cell, in the event of damage

Specific air distribution system:

Safe individual air cell replacement without leakage nor deflation of other cells

Deflation to zero pressure of cells in high risk areas and over the whole bodily interface

3D spacer increasing pressure redistribution and aeration and reduce shear

Quick inflation to maximum air pressure

Aid for the patient transfer and repositioning

Welded, breathable cover decreasing skin maceration, antibacterial, two-way stretch and fungi-static

Resistant to ozone and high chlorine concentrations

Low friction and low shear

Total hygienic safety

Robust bottom cover with hinged construction to limit shear, carry handles and loops for power cable management

Automatic safety lockout of controls to prevent unintended actions

Adjustable alternating cycle times 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes

Extremely low noise and low vibration

All-time accessible CPR and quick deflation CPR turn valve

All-time available transport connector cap to ensure more than 12 hours autonomy for transport

Full air, lightweight, easily rolled-up and transported in carry bag

The use of CliniPro complies with the EPUAP/NPUAP 2014 guidelines1

1) Mattress and Bed Support Surfaces for Pressure Ulcer Prevention 1, Mattress and Bed Support Surfaces for Individuals with Existing Pressure Ulcers 2, 5, 6, Additional Recommendations for Individuals with Existing Pressure Ulcers 1.1, Repositioning to prevent and treat heel pressure ulcers 1, Prone Position 1

Dimensions of the mattress (LxWxH) 200x90x20 cm

Weight of the mattress 13 kg

Pressure adjustment Automatic or semi-automatic by incrementation

Alternating low pressure cycle times 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes

Dimensions of the control unit (LxHxW) 31x21x12.5 cm

Weight of the control unit 2.5 kg

Safe working load 250 kg

Warranty Refer to General Terms and Conditions of Sales

Compliance IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2