Active therapy mattress replacement system

In bed-bound individuals, prolonged mechanical loading can lead to the breakdown of skin and of underlying soft tissues which may develop into pressure ulcers. PrevaCair™ is a simple way to relieve and redistribute pressures in order to minimise this risk. PrevaCair™ is easy to maintain and adapts to patient’s needs.

Simple to use mattress replacement system.

Bi-mode, alternating or continuous low pressure, digital pump.

17 individual air cells, separately replaceable.

Fully protected, dense foam mattress underlay.

All-time accessible quick deflation for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Complete, welded, polyurethane coated, fluid proof, moisture vapour permeable, wipeable cover.

Treatment aid up to Category/Stage IV pressure ulcers.

Prevention in the high risk individual.

Mattress size (LxWxH): 90 x 200 x 20 cm

Mattress weight: 9,4 kg

Control unit size (LxWxH): 27 x 15 x 10 cm

Control unit weight: 1,7kg

Safe working load: 250 kg

Compliance: IEC 60601-1 (electrical safety), IEC 60601-1-2 (electromagnetic compatibility), BS 6807 Crib 5, EN 597-1 & -2 (fire tests)

User manual (EN): Ref MRX-013

Carry bag: Ref ARX-0134

Top cover: Ref ARX-0129

Control unit: Ref ARX-0045

Dynamic air seat cushion
Repositioning supports
Unidad de control
Capuchón de transporte, disponible en cualquier momento y que asegura la autonomía de transporte
CPR turn valve