FIBRO half-moon cushion

Must-have support for repositioning, holds the back and the pelvis in place in the semi-fowler supine position.

FIBRO semi-lateral positioning cushion

Versatile cushion, ensures greatly comfortable positioning in the 30° lateral tilt position.

FIBRO triangular wedge

Holds in place the abdomen when in semi-lateral supine position or the thighs when in semi-fowler position.

FIBRO abduction wedge

Small, handy wedge, generally used in the crotch area when in the supine position, or to raise the forearm or any other sensitive area.

FIBRO ring cushion

Ensures comfortable support of the head in the supine, seated or semi-seated position.

FIBRO half-ring cushion

Enhances comfort, alone or in combination with other cushions.

FIBRO cylindrical cushion

Highly adaptable, comes in several sizes.

Placed underneath the knees, enables the semi-fowler position of the lower limbs.

In combination with the half-ring abduction cushion, provides stable support while protecting the inner sides of the knees.

FIBRO universal cushion

Highly adaptable, holds the head in place, protects the inner sides of the knees, of the ankles or the heels.

FIBRO heel pad

Prevents pressure ulcer formation in the heels and relieves pressures.