Convertible hybrid, air-foam mattress

In bed-bound individuals, prolonged mechanical loading can lead to the breakdown of the skin and of the underlying soft tissues which may develop into pressure ulcers. The self-adjusting, non-powered air technology of PrevaFlex™ enables the redistribution of pressure points, by continuous air movement between cells whereas the viscoelastic memory foam moulds to the body shape and further redistributes pressures. Simple to use and very comfortable, PrevaFlex™ is easy to maintain and adapts to patient’s need.

Simple to use, extremely comfortable, zoned, hybrid mattress replacement system with multiple supporting capacities that helps maintain skin viability and prevention of pressure ulcers.

Self-adjusting, non-powered in order to enhance the redistribution of pressure points by continuous air movement between cells.

Suitable for use on most beds.

Firm edges that facilitate bed ingress, egress and detection by the individual of mattress boundaries.

Complete, welded, polyurethane cover, watertight, breathable and wipeable.

Prevention in the medium risk individual.

Mattress size (LxWxH): 203x90x20 cm

Mattress weight: 15.5 kg

Control unit size (LxWxH): 27x15x10 cm

Control unit weight: 1.7 kg

Safe working load: 250 kg

Compliance: IEC 60601-1 (electrical safety), IEC 60601-1-2 (electromagnetic compatibility), EN 597-1 & -2 (fire tests)

User Manuel (EN): Ref MRX-0026

Top cover: Ref ARX-00189

Bottom cover: Ref ARX-0188

PrevaFlex™ control unit: Ref ARX-0045

CliniMove™ air seat cushion